Pain management specialists introduce local people to effective ways of living well with pain

By Jamie Hill - 8 August 2019


Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is inviting local people living with long term pain to attend a free health talk where they can learn how best to manage their pain, reduce the problems it causes, and gain some control over their lives again.

More than a fifth of the adult population in the UK suffer from long term pain, and although the type of pain differs from one person to the next, the way it affects people’s lives is often similar.

People living with persistent pain usually find themselves avoiding activities they once enjoyed for fear of reinjuring themselves, feeling less fit, sleeping less and resting more.

Pain can also have a psychological impact, leaving some people feeling depressed or frustrated, while others withdraw themselves from family and friends.

Aiming to help people regain confidence and control over their lives, the Trust’s pain management physiotherapist will explain how physical activity can improve flexibility and mobility. People can learn how to manage their daily activities so they can cope better with pain.

Attendees will also hear from the Trust’s psychologist, about self-management techniques for managing stress effectively and staying positive despite the challenges that come with pain.

Commenting on the importance of pain management, Dr Lucy Williams, lead speaker and Associate Specialist in Anaesthetics and Pain Management said: “Our aim is to help people understand that pain is not all in their mind.

“Long term pain can often start with an injury, however for reasons not yet fully understood, the pain nerves can stop functioning normally and instead of switching off as the injury heals, they continue to send frequent pain messages to the brain. This means you can continue to feel pain even though the injury has healed and no new damage has occurred.

“By sharing our knowledge with the local community, we hope to empower people to play an active role in managing their pain and ultimately live more enjoyable and fulfilling lives.”

The free event will be held at 6.00pm on Wednesday, 14 August in the Academy at the Great Western Hospital, Marlborough Road, Swindon.

Anyone is welcome to attend and there is no need to register in advance.

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