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By Swindon Link - 29 July 2019

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There are lots of reasons to extend your home – to gain space, to create a specific room or to make a feature such as a garage. But what about if you want to extend to add value to your home? Then you not only want to consider what you want to use the space for but how the cost will weigh up against the potential increase in property value.

Converting a garage

One of the popular options to increase value and add space is to convert an existing garage into living space.  If you don’t use it to store your car this makes good sense and can add around 15% to the value of the home.

First, you need to check that you have a garage suitable for conversion.  You may also need to look at planning permission – often this isn’t needed but always check as you don’t want to discover afterwards that it was required.

Extend the kitchen with a side-return extension

There is no shortage of extension types, but this is one for semi-detached or end-terraced houses that are specifically aimed at extending the kitchen.  It is a narrow alley extension that runs alongside the kitchen and creates more space for it. It can increase the value of the house by around 15% with a new kitchen.

Usually, this type of extension comes under Permitted Development so there’s no need for planning permission.  Building regulations do always apply so watch out for any and make sure you get a completion certificate from your local planning department.

Converting the loft

Another popular option, making a loft into another bedroom can add around 15% to the value of the house, especially if you have the space to add an en-suite bathroom with it.  Loft conversions are very much dependant on the type of loft and the amount of headspace that you have as to what you can do with them.

There are also different types of conversion and different costs.  Mansard conversions are usually the most expensive and often need planning permission, but other styles can often be done under planning permission.  Always check though!

Adding a conservatory

Conservatories remain one of the most popular styles of extension and are a practical way to add space without costing as much as a brick-built extension.  A fully glazed conservatory merged with the other parts of the house can add around 10% of the value of a house.  

There are also plenty of options including the frame – uPVC is popular, but timber is also still a strong candidate.  You can have glazed roofing or opt for a solid roof that can help combat summer temperatures and prevent heat loss in winter.  Majority of conservatories will fall under Permitted Development.

Add a garage

If your home doesn’t have a garage but there is space for one, adding it can increase the value by around 5%.  This figure could increase if you opt for a quality bespoke oak garage that looks great and lasts a long time.

If you are planning to add a garage just for a car or storage, it is worth thinking about the ability to convert it at a later date.  This might be something you do or the next homeowner, but it is worth keeping in mind when constructing it. The cost might be a little more, but the potential ease of conversion can help boost the house’s value later.

Upgrade the bathroom

Adding a new, upgraded bathroom to the house not only gives you benefits while you live there but could increase the value of the house by 3-5% depending on the size and what you spend.  Try to use a suite that is similar in layout to your existing one to cut down on plumbing costs and go for things like wall-hung fixtures and taps rather than floor-mounted as these will keep costs down.


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