Simple tricks that add value to your home

By Staff Reporter - 15 March 2021

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The house selling season traditionally starts in March, but the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty Holiday has ensured that the property market has remained buoyant through the winter this year. Perhaps after months of being in your home because of lockdown and because the Stamp Duty Holiday has now been extended until 30 September 2021, you have decided to move house. You haven’t time for any major projects, but are there any simple tricks that will add value to your home?

The answer is a huge ‘yes’! There are a number of small projects that will not cost a fortune, but will definitely add value to your home. Potential buyers have a tick list of  things that they are looking for in a property and top of the list is that want somewhere they can happily move into without being immediately faced with essential DIY projects.

Has your house got kerb appeal?

Once your property goes on the market, there will be a number of potential buyers who will park up outside, to simply look at your home and see if it could match their needs. Nothing is more off-putting than a house and garden that look totally untidy and neglected.

Make increasing your kerb appeal a top priority! Check that the paintwork on doors, windows and gates is in good condition and if not give them all a fresh coat of paint.  Prune bushes and hedges to make them tidy and dig the flower beds – removing any dead plants. Mow the lawn regularly and trim the edges.

If the grass is not in good condition buy some nutrients and apply right away. If the flowerbeds look bare and lack colour, pop to the garden centre and buy some vibrant flowering plants. Splash out on a hanging basket to fix by the front door and if your house number is looking old, buy a smart new replacement. Dustbins in the front garden are an eyesore, so consider investing in a small fence panel to hide them behind.

And while we are talking gardens, don’t forget to tidy up your back garden too! Since lock down, gardens and outdoor spaces have become high priority for families so make yours look really good. If you have an outside table and chairs, put them on show for viewings as they will look very inviting.

Address any structural issues

There could well be some DIY jobs that you have been putting off for ages and you now have the incentive to put them right! If you have any slipped tiles on the roof or a cracked pane of glass these should be dealt with. Any cracks in the walls should be fixed too. If you have any signs of rising damp, get these looked at speedily because this will put potential buyers off – or lead to a low offer.

Everyone is looking for eco-friendly features in properties. Insulation is relatively cheap to install and is well worth considering if you have cavity walls, but no insulation. Do you have good roof insulation? Again, this is comparatively cheap and easy to fit and will add value to your home.

If you have an older property, are the electrics in good order? Get it checked out and if the main rooms are short of electric sockets, have extra installed as these will be a good selling point.

Tidy up all the rooms

It is amazing how quickly junk gathers so go through your house room by room tidying things away. If you run out of storage space, invest in under bed boxes or pretty hat boxes in ascending sizes. Check that carpets and curtains are clean and in good condition. Ensure that ceiling lights are all working. Clean all the paintwork to get rid of finger marks and have a good spring clean.

Check for marked walls

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on any marked walls such as on the stairs or in children’s bedrooms. If you have a ‘statement’ wall that you painted in a bold colour or whacky design, it is best to paint over this with a neutral colour. If the wall is in the lounge and you need to buy paint for the job, remember that grey is this year’s trending colour and for walls in bathrooms and kitchens any shade of blue is popular. 

Does your kitchen look dated?

Look in any interior magazine and you will see sleek streamlined kitchens are in vogue. If this isn’t yours, you can certainly make it look more attractive with some clever ideas. Paint cupboard doors and change the handles to a more modern style. Replace the kitchen work top too in a complementary colour. Have a major de-clutter of the kitchen; clearing all the gadgets and rows of mugs into cupboards so that the worktops are bare except for a hot water jug and designer vase of flowers!

How is your bathroom?

Bathrooms and toilets can soon look dated and changing the sanitary wear can make a huge difference. If this is not possible, enclose the pipework under your wash basins by fitting a smart white cupboard underneath – this will provide valuable storage room too. De-clutter your bathroom as this will make it look bigger and give it a fresh coat of paint if needed. If you have a shower curtain, splash out on a brand new one and opt for a white material one rather than brightly coloured plastic as this will look smarter and make your bathroom look bigger. On the now empty bathroom shelf place a lush and leafy indoor plant.

Have you got a home office?

During the various lockdowns, 55% of the working population worked from home. Many are still doing so and it is likely that this will become the ‘new normal’ as productivity has not been impacted at all. Consequently, a home office is now something potential buyers are looking for. If you have created one in your home already, tidy it up and have it looking really good for viewings. If you do not have suitable space for one, consider installing a small home office in your garden. This may sound extreme, but this is something that can be done swiftly! Prices range from £5,000- £20,000, but view this as a good investment as it will definitely add value to your home.

And the easiest solution….

A growing number of people view the whole process of selling their home fast as being a difficult and stressful time – from the moment they decide that it should go on the market. The pressure is on as the Stamp Duty Holiday has a new cut-off date of 30 September 2021. If you are planning to take advantage of the tax break and want a hassle-free way of selling your home, why not contact House Buy Fast, a ‘we buy any house’ company. You will be given a good cash price for your home – and you needn’t do any of the above mentioned jobs, unless you really want to.

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