Swindon duo Billy &Louie wow Little Mix 

By Barrie Hudson - 1 October 2020

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Twin duo Billy and Louie won over the world’s leading girl band on the second episode of Little Mix The Search.

The 17-year-old singers auditioned for Little Mix on their new BBC One talent show. 

They went straight through to the band room with four yeses and a standing ovation from the band.

Perrie Edwards said: "I’m just throwing it out there. Best vocals we’ve heard all day."

The twins had just performed their audition piece, a cover of Christina Aguilera's Ain’t No Other Man. 

Jade added: "I feel like if Jedward could actually sing, they would be you."

In a recent BBC Wiltshire radio interview, Billy & Louie explained that the girl band were hugely supportive of them and highly complimentary of their performance. 

To test Billy & Louie, they were asked to try a harmony with Little Mix as they were interested to see how they blended and harmonised with other people. The twins said they loved the experience of singing with Little Mix.

Later in the episode, Billy & Louie were seen rehearsing for the live performance with the other contestants. In this phase, the contestants were trialled in different combinations to see who had chemistry. 

Little Mix admitted that they were apprehensive about splitting Billy & Louie up in the performance, but after seeing the rehearsal they were happily surprised to see the twins comfortably performing with the others. 

During this phase, Little Mix discussed who they thought should stay for the next round. At this stage, two contestants were let go and the remaining seven including Billy & Louie were sent through to the concert audition.

The boys said: "It was an incredible experience to collaborate with other people and although the rehearsal process was full on, we loved getting to know the others and having a great time."

They added that they connected well with the others despite the large age gap, and became really close during the filming process. 

Despite not getting through to the live shows on Little Mix The Search, Billy & Louie reported receiving a huge amount of supportive comments and messages. 

One fan tweeted: "The twins were amazing. Only audition I rewound back and played again 4 times. They did not suit the band but OMG someone sign them. Their voices were the best."

A Little Mix fan took to Twitter, saying: "We are so in love with you. You’ve gained a lot of fans."

TV personality Jaiden Michael tweeted: "Petition for Billy and Louie to have their own show. NOW. Love them." 

The twins are continuing with their music career after their performance on Little Mix The Search, and have just released a Spanish single, Rosa.

Their TV appearance can be seen at https://youtu.be/jA--JaCgiks

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