The Health Benefits of a Thoroughly Cleaned Home

By Jamie Hill - 14 October 2019

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We all love the feeling of a clean house gives us, but keeping our homes thoroughly hygienic is quite underestimated. Most of the time we clean up just because we have to make some room for us to move. This leaves a lot of untouched areas in the corners of our homes. If only we knew how risky this could prove to be for our health in both the short and long runs, we would definitely think twice before skipping out on a cleaning session.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the health benefits of a thoroughly cleaned home. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be sure to look for a top-notch house cleaning service for the next time you want to see your home sparkling. There are a lot of professional cleaning services offered, but you’ll find that the best ones among them will provide you with optimum service—the quality of which remains constant in every session. 


If you are wondering how a top-notch cleaning service can change your life, here are seven health benefits they’ll deliver to you in the comfort of your squeaky clean home.

1. It Lowers the Chance of Infection

Cleaning your house on a superficial level is great, well, superficially. However, most of the microbes that accumulate in our houses find shelter in the hidden, less used areas. While most people believe that bathrooms are the most common places where an infection stems from, kitchens are actually a bigger concern. Countertops can store a lot of germs after being used to prepare raw meat and fish. Water pipes can breed a lot of microbes and bacteria in case of dormant polluted water. By keeping your most overlooked areas properly cleaned, you will save yourself and your family a lot of tiresome rounds of antibiotics.

2. It Decreases Asthma and Allergy Attacks

The toll that accumulated dust can take on your health is huge. Dust can pile up in our bed sheets, curtains, sofas, and basically any kind of fabric we have in our homes. Dust particles remain in the air we breathe, the bed we sleep on, the living room we spend our whole day in, all of which can result in sudden, inexplicable episodes of asthma attacks. Some individuals are allergic to dust, which they don’t realize until their allergy is repeatedly activated and they’re so confused as to where it came from. 

3. It Eases Down Anxiety, Stress, and Fatigue

Keeping your house clean and tidy has been proven to lower your levels of stress, anxiety, and even fatigue. It certainly feels very disturbing to enter a messy room or pass by items that aren’t where they’re supposed to be at all. Our brains appreciate looking at organized and structured scenes; this provides a sense of stability and serenity. In the long run, keeping an organized home will prevent a lot of stress and bypass all sorts of illnesses a messy house can cause.


4. It Enhances Mood and Relationships

Every time you feel stressed, you fail to be in your best mood. There is always something nagging at the back of your mind, and it feels like you’re low-key angry all of the time. The worst part of it is that you can never seem to pinpoint the source of this anger. You can’t deny that every time this happens, it leaves a very bad impact on your overall mood and the way you handle your relationships. Honestly, do you notice the completely different mood you snap into when your house is sparkling clean?

5. It Helps You Become Even More Productive

One of the greatest benefits of a clean house is the peace of mind you need to get creative and productive. Have you ever tried working in a messy house? How well (or badly) did that go for you? In contrast, you must have felt the difference in your performance when working in a tidy environment. Our brains are the magic tools we rely on to get our creative juices flowing, so we’d better make sure we keep them happy and satisfied. It all starts with pretty surroundings.

6. It Keeps You Active and Physically Healthy

If you’ve been putting off going to the gym for a while now, then there’s nothing to get you started like cleaning your house. Think of it like hitting two birds with one stone; you will get your body moving while preparing your pristine environment! A lot of research has proved, time and time again, that a simple exercise for a duration of as little as twenty minutes a day will keep your health strong and your heart young. Besides, it gives you an excuse to put on your favorite song and dance around while cleaning your house. 

7. It Prevents Accidental Injuries

How many times have you stumbled over whatever was lying on the floor on your way to the kitchen? How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, one eye half-open, only to hit your toe on a box or a chair? Not only do you kiss a good night’s sleep goodbye, but you also end up injured in all the most embarrassing ways. However, accidental injuries aren’t always something to make fun of or laugh about. Slipping on items is one of the biggest causes of serious injuries, especially if there are seniors or toddlers in the house. Keep your house clean, save lives. 


The benefits of a clean home are usually underestimated. We often make fun of those obsessed with keeping their homes clean, calling them out on their OCD tendencies. However, by taking a leaf out of their book, our lives can totally turn around for the better. Keeping everything organized and in place is great, but thoroughly cleaning our homes requires us to reach the hidden areas we often neglect. Not only will we feel more relaxed, active, healthy, happy, and productive, but we’ll avoid many infections, diseases, asthma and allergy attacks, and even serious accidental injuries. 


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