The Cotswolds Distillery launches seasonal edition Cotswolds Summer Cup

By Jamie Hill - 27 June 2020

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The Cotswolds Distillery has announced the launch of its seasonal edition Summer Cup, which is now available online. Cotswolds Summer Cup uses the distillery’s award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin as a base, which is then blended with a splash of handcrafted triple sec and the Cotswolds Distillery’s very own vermouth. The result is a bold and robust fruit cup with a brilliant balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Cotswolds Summer Cup is Cotswolds Distillery’s take on a classic; a refreshing, aromatic and intriguingly moreish sip. Key to the serve is Cotswolds Distillery’s homemade vermouth which uses locally sourced wine from Woodchester Valley in Stroud, near the distillery. This is then blended with bitter caramel and a botanical tea of macerated herbs and spices. Cotswolds Distillery’s vermouth pairs perfectly with the distillery’s flagship Cotswolds Dry Gin to create the delicious summer blend of Cotswolds Summer Cup. 

Daniel Szor, founder and CEO of The Cotswolds Distillery says: “We are delighted to unveil our latest Summer Cup edition. We wanted to make as many elements of this complex drink ourselves, so we even went as far as creating our own vermouth and triple sec. Our aim was to create a serve where our Cotswolds Dry Gin would shine through and we believe we have done so with this latest addition to our range of premium spirits.”

Cotswolds Summer Cup is presented in a clear glass bottle and the label is adorned with abundant summer fruit decoration that brings to life this blend of Cotswolds Dry Gin and the distillery’s own vermouth and triple sec. Cotswolds Summer Cup is best enjoyed topped up with lemonade or ginger ale and garnished with fresh fruit. 

Cotswolds Summer Cup is available to purchase exclusively from:

RRP: £29.95 for 70 cl. ABV: 30 %  


Tasting Notes: 

Rich, spicy and complex with a fruity uplift 

Serving suggestions: 

Fill a large balloon glass with 1 part Cotswolds Summer Cup over plenty of ice. Top with 2 parts lemonade or ginger ale. Garnish with fresh fruit. 

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