The Diet Lady is back!

By Jamie Hill - 6 March 2020

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Lisa Curtis (AKA the diet lady) has helped hundreds of people in Swindon lose weight previously with Cambridge Diet, as a top, multi award winning consultant.

Lisa went on to explore new horizons, study nutrition and became an advanced weight loss practitioner and coached thousands of people globally on healthy eating.

Unfortunately, like for so many people, life got well and truly in the way, and with health issues, her weight spiraled again.

Her healthy eating experience is fantastic for weight maintenance, but with 6 stones to lose, it just wasn’t quick enough to gather momentum and she found that she was making little progress.

So that’s when Cambridge (now rebranded as the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan) re-entered her life, initially for her own weight loss, then becoming a consultant again, so she could help people, whose weight is impacting their lives.

Lisa, has lost 3 stones and still has 3 stones to go, so she is losing the weight alongside her clients, leading by example and drawing on her huge wealth of experiences and knowledge.

Lisa said: “When you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s vital to keep your motivation high, which means you need results quickly to keep you going.  Cambridge absolutely works and that fuels your belief and with the right support, you know you’ll do it.

"I’m delighted to be back, I can relate to people battling with their weight, because I have lived and breathed that battle for most of my life.   Your confidence goes, self-esteem is non-existent and self-hate rife.  You don’t want to do things or go out because nothing fits or looks nice, you just want to hide.

"I would love to help anyone who is stuck or feeling hopeless and miserable about their weight and help them rediscover themselves, be happy and get them to a place where their weight is no longer a constant worry.  You can reach me on 07776 042690 or,  let’s do this together.”

You can also check out Lisa’s webpage

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