Swindon venue hosts dual art exhibition

By Barrie Hudson - 8 December 2023

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Tomorrow - Saturday 9 December - sees Artsite & The Post Modern host a dual art exhibition by Adam Crosland and SLART.

It is called Exploring Spontaneity and Reflecting on Mortality, and will open at 7pm at the venue, which is next to the Wyvern Theatre.

Adam Crosland's exhibition is called A Journey of Spontaneity, and features paintings which are a visual documentation of the past two years, during which he has delved into and expanded upon a crucial aspect of his artistic practice – spontaneity. 

Satire has been a foundational element, providing structure to his often loose and quickly applied techniques. 

The displayed paintings represent the culmination of a personal journey and inner dialogue, mirroring the experiences of a man navigating life on his own terms.

Adam's website is www.adamcrosland.com

SLART's exhibition is called Memento Mori and the Celebration of Life

SLART's paintings on display narrate the last 16 months following a kidney transplant, during which he contemplated his mortality. 

Having lost both parents in the preceding three-and-ap-half years, SLART used this time for reflection and grieving, eventually channelling his emotions into a renewed passion for art. 

The concept of 'Memento Mori, meaning 'remember your mortality', is central to his work, fostering focus, reducing worry, and eliminating barriers to artistic expression. 

Influenced by Jean Dubuffet, David Shrigley, and Keith Haring, SLART draws inspiration from playing by his own rules, embracing humour and authenticity, and making art accessible.

His website is www.slart.substack.com

Adam Crosland's and SLART's artistic journeys converged through Artsite, a collective of studios and a creative hub in the town. Their collaboration on The Redcliffe Collective mural in Summer 2022 played a pivotal role in initiating Swindon's street art boom, thanks to Artiste and Swindon Paint Fest.

Sharing similar art styles, the duo decided to join forces during an evening at Made in Bahia, resulting in a spontaneous decision to collaborate.

A spokesperson said: "The evening promises not only a visual feast but also a musical treat by local legend DJ Dust. 

"Admission is free, with optional donations toward Artiste as a gesture of support. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own beverages for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere."



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