The Swindon Link team pop into Fabio’s for a taste bud trip to Italy.

By Jessica Durston - 1 July 2021

Food & Drink

Swindon Link's Jessica Durston joined her colleagues for a lunch at Fabio's Italian restaurant. After collecting everyone's thoughts on their meals, a review was penned...

Lasagna Al Forno

The Swindon link team’s lunchtime hunger was satiated today by Bath Road’s taste of Italy, Fabio’s. This lovely little restaurant welcomed us profusely and led us through to their main seating area (after we had all collected a pump of hand sanitiser, of course). The covid-safety measures were upheld to ensure our party (and every other customer) felt at ease and protected from any risk.

As we had opted to sit inside the restaurant, we were given a cosy table in the corner of the main dining area. The two sky-light style windows built into the ceiling allowed lovely pools of natural light to flood the room. There was an interesting cork display on the ceiling, which used the art of recycling to produce creative décor. The earthy colour scheme was relaxing and helped to create the warm, family feel the business represents. Mario Freti, his family and his team of long serving staff members, have been serving delicious Italian cuisine for over twenty years. This was made evident by the easy-going, friendly atmosphere of the place. 

After being presented with the lunch and main restaurant menu, the team selected their dishes of choice. Jamie, our group editor, went for the fan favourite – the Lasagna Al Forno. He said it was "The perfect combination of bechamel sauce and mince, perfectly layered and perfectly cooked." Barry, our team’s senior editor, went for the Tortelloni Agli Spinaci – try saying that five times over! His comments are as follows: "Very well flavoured comfort food. The portions were generous, and the pasta was cooked to just the right consistency." Karen, our team’s office manager, opted for the Penne Alla Gianni. She said: "The pasta and chicken were cooked to her liking and the portions were generous – a really nice meal."

To finish off this set of reviews, I chose the Minestrone soup. Minestrone is a classic choice for a lighter lunch option. Fabio’s made theirs with love and just the right amount of seasoning, and there was just the right amount of crusty bread to accompany.

The service and food were excellent and the dishes were reasonably priced, and we would all definitely recommend Fabio’s as a dining destination.

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