Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss in Women

By Jamie Hill - 22 October 2019

Health and Beauty

When looking into the hair loss that women experience, there are a number of causes. Whether you are experiencing a large amount of stress or you are not eating a healthy balanced diet, this can all lead to the hair being damaged. Because of this, there are a large number of people experiencing hair loss in their day to day life that can be difficult to prevent. In this article, we will be giving you insight into some of the key information you need to know about hair loss in women.

It Can Often Time Be Genetic

One of the biggest causes of hair loss in women is hereditary. Whether this is from your mother or your fathers’ side, it is important to note that there are treatments that can help you to overcome this hair loss. Whether it is a hormone treatment to help strengthen the hair or a hair transplant to help the areas that have been affected by female hair loss, this can all help to ensure that the hair is thick and healthy. 

May Be Due to An Underlying Medical Condition

Another reason that you may be experiencing hair loss is due to an underlying medical condition. Whether this is a B12 deficiency or iron deficiency, this can lead to the hair falling out over time. This can be resolved by taking supplements as well as other tablets that can keep the hair in the growth stage for significantly longer. This can be found by undergoing a simple blood test to check for any underlying medical conditions such as vitamin deficiency and underlying more serious conditions that you may have.

Your Diet Can Impact It

Your diet is crucial to the overall function of your body, but lack of iron and protein can also have a profound effect on your hair growth. With a reduction in biotin and keratin, the hair can become flat and damaged which can lead to it falling out. This can cause prolonged hair loss over time with the hairline being affected. Therefore, eating healthy food as part of a healthy balanced diet can help to boost the immune system as well as prevent hair loss in women over time. Whether this is a smoothie that you decide to have in the morning or healthy snacks throughout the day, this can all help to maintain a healthy weight without causing damage to the hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner May Help

If you are experiencing the early signs of hair loss, it could be down to your shampoo and conditioner. By finding a formula that is gentler to the hair, you can then begin to reverse the signs of the hair loss whilst ensuring that your hair is shiny and conditioned. This is vital when dealing with hair loss in your day to day life, as reducing the effects early on will help to limit prolonged damage over time.

With this in mind, there are a number of reasons for hair loss in women that can be resolved with changes to diet, plenty of exercises and the right regime. However, it is important to have patience as it could take longer for the hair to heal. Which of these will you be trying for yourself?

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