Simple ways to keep the home clean and hygienic

By Staff Reporter - 4 September 2020

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Right now, more than ever, the importance of a hygienic and spotlessly clean home is not to be understated. By being practical and putting in a good amount of effort, we can do our best to stay healthy and safe in our own house.

You've likely been spending a lot more time at home lately, and while this is great to work on some home renovation ideas that were previously put on hold, it's also the perfect moment to ensure that your home is as hygienic as possible. We'll mention a few ways you can keep your home clean for you and other family members.

A neat and tidy house isn't just about impressing the neighbours or when your parents are visiting, it's because a clean home means better health and one that contains fewer germs, dust, and bacteria which can get us sick or make allergies worse. Not to mention that simply tidying up a cluttered space makes us feel good and more at peace with our surroundings. So, if you're feeling like you need to start cleaning your home ASAP, consider these useful tips.

Shoes off at the door

Even if you can't see anything harmful on your shoes, new studies suggest that we can track a lot of nasty things into the home if we don't take them off, such as bacteria, toxins, and a lot of dirt. A quick wipe on the doormat helps a bit, although if you really take home cleanliness seriously, then take off your shoes before entering the house and ask your guests to do the same - it can be a hassle but it's worth having a cleaner home!

Check your hands regularly

You're probably already getting better at washing your hands to keep them free from dirt, bacteria, and germs, but as GROHE's page suggests, you could also install a contactless tap for even better hygiene. Overall, it's best to wash hands before eating or cooking, after touching animals or gardening, and when you get home. Plus, don't rely solely on using hand sanitiser, as hot water and soap is still the most effective option. Experts suggest that sanitiser is only useful when there's no other option.

Don't forget to sanitise the small things

Countertops, sinks, floors and mattresses are all easy to notice and can be cleaned more or less every day, but don't forget to sanitise the things that get touched but might be forgotten: doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, toilet flush, and smartphones. If you've been in contact with someone sick or have been outside, then try not to touch anything in the home until you've thoroughly washed your hands (and taken your shoes off!).

Wash on the highest temperature for laundry

Germs and bacteria usually don't last very long against heat, which is why it's best to wash towels, bedding, workout clothing, and healthcare uniforms on the hottest temperature allowed by the care instructions on the garment's label. These items are usually best washed at 60°C but try not to be fling laundry around the room before washing, as this could spread nasty stuff around the house.

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