Rug Buying Tips From the Experts

By Jamie Hill - 8 April 2021

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Placing a rug in your home can magically add design, comfort, beauty, feel, and texture to any living space. However, there are so many rugs to choose from; how do you even know the right one to place in your living space?

How To Choose A Rug

Choosing a rug isn’t as simple as it might seem, why? There are a variety of options to choose from. We usually choose to buy a flat weave for two simple things; choice and need. But when you plan on buying a perfect rug for your living space, you have to consider certain things like the sizes, color, and material, etc.

Rug Materials

Now you’ve decided to buy a rug; which would you buy? The one made from sustainable or natural materials? But the basic question is, which is best for your home? Could it be wool or coir rug material? Each material has its pros and cons, your choice should be based on your needs, choice, and what fits your living space.


Going forward here is a list of some popular but yet nice rug material;


  • Jute rugs: This is arguably the most natural rug material; it also has a soft feel, it makes a home look luxurious and comforting - it's an ideal rug for living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Sisal rugs: These kinds of rug materials are used in hallways, even more, football fields. They are usually durable and natural - they are the best rug materials used for natural flooring.


Other rug material types include coir rugs, seagrass rugs, and wool rugs.

Rug Size

When considering size, the basic thing to ask is - if you want to fill an entire room or just an area within the room. More so, if you need a large statement rug, then there are some basic floor plans you should follow too.

Rug Designs

If you want to design a room with a rug, you should know that the pattern and print define the beauty of a rug. A bold print and pattern should be the focal point. Furthermore, the texture is an overlooked aspect of a rug design. The design pros at insist that when choosing to buy a rug, it’s fine you choose a texture with a natural material; mixing textures isn’t all that bad - it makes the rug look rich and layered. More so, if your walls are busy, use a single-color or neutral rug, that has a simple border. Flat-woven designs are perfect for busy walls or textiles. For rooms with minimal designs; you can use texture and patterned rugs as they add interest.

Rug Colors

When you’re considering which color to use when buying a rug, then you should consider four things: the color of your wood flooring, your furniture, space, and room. Some people prefer vivid and bright colors, while some others will always go for more subdued hues and earthy tones. 

Rug Shapes

There are vast arrays of rug shapes, you can choose from whichever one you like and the one that suits your needs.


  • A rectangular rug is nice for rooms that are large and often have a wide variety of sizes.

  • Square rugs are mostly used when defining different zones within a room or a square room.

  • Round or circular rugs are nice in small rooms.

Rugs By Room

  • Living room rugs: Because the living room is a busy area in a home; living room rugs need to be hard-wearing and comforting. Most especially if you have young kids.

  • Bedroom rugs: Considering this is the first thing your feet touch in the morning, bedroom rugs should be oh so cozy and warm. Consider a 100% wool rug to make your room sophisticated and comfortable.

  • Rugs for kitchens: Seagrass is by far the most suitable of the natural flooring rugs and when it comes to rugs for kitchens, they’re less prone to water-marking. Always be sure that all rugs are not hazardous - as this can be dangerous in the kitchen. Ensure your kitchen rugs are stuck down using high-quality rug tapes.

  • Hallway rugs: They are kinda durable, so they can be used in busy areas.


If you have an ideal rug in mind to buy but haven’t been able to find it; you can design your rug. Some websites offer features like creator, which enables you to design bespoke custom-made rugs in a variety of sizes and materials. 

When you take all of this into consideration, it’s easy to conclude that choosing rugs isn’t always easy, but with the right resources it can surely be a very pleasant experience.

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