Are you welcoming a new puppy to the family?

By Jamie Hill - 26 March 2021


By Thameswood Veterinary Clinics

You’ve researched the breed, been to the breeder a few times, sized up your house, had plenty of conversations, done the budget and – you’re ready for your new pup to join the family. It’s a great feeling isn’t it?

But welcoming your dog to the family can involve a list so long, some of it gets lost in the excitement of it all. Here are a few important things to remember…

Early Socialisation

The first 12 months of your puppy’s life count towards a happy and healthy adulthood, so take the time to look for local activities in your community and professional advice from your vets such as our Youth Club.

Pet Insurance

Choosing a lifetime pet insurance policy will give you peace of mind that you won’t need to worry too much about the financial aspect of caring for your pet, and instead can focus solely on what’s best for them, whatever treatment they should need throughout their lifetime.


Try to have an initial consultation before you welcome your puppy home, it’s something we encourage at our clinics. That way you can talk through vaccinations, worming, microchips and any other areas of early care before you become a client. We also offer a pet health plan which means you can spread the cost of that all-important preventative care and routine treatment to keep you puppy healthy and happy at a discount!

Visit for more about caring for your puppy, and here’s to many happy years ahead with your new four-legged member of the family!

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