Incredibly tasty & simple potato recipes to cook at home

By Swindon Link - 22 November 2022

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Despite what TV chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson tell us, not every recipe is easy peasy to cook at home. You often need very specific ingredients, plus a lot of time and know-how when it comes to certain cooking methods.

Thankfully, potatoes are one of the most versatile, delicious, and simple foods to cook at home, and especially with the time coming for family meals at Christmas, we thought it’s a good moment to discuss the many great recipes involving the humble spud.


From chips to roasted to mash, you’ll find that potatoes can be made in many different appetising ways and everything is so stress-free, that you’ll wonder why you never tried before. Oh, and don’t forget to look at this helpful guide on saving potato water for other uses around the home!


Go with a classic option for Christmas


Who doesn’t love roasted potatoes, especially when it’s time for Christmas? Perfect with the turkey or even just on a Sunday with beef or chicken, roasted spuds are an absolute must-have as a side dish.


Make sure they’re nice and crispy, then you can season them as you like, but you can’t go wrong with oregano, salt, and pepper for something quick and easy. Add a bit of butter when they’re cooked and your roasted potatoes will be the talking point of Christmas dinner.


A quick snack that makes you full


Often one of the forgotten ideas for lunch, jacket potatoes can be cooked in around 10 minutes and loaded with anything from cheese to sour cream to spring onion. This is a fantastic recipe that can be cooked and eaten in a timeframe much quicker than ordering fast food! Plus, they’re way healthier and make you feel fuller for longer.


Yummy side dish that kids will love


What kid doesn’t go wild when they see a plate full of steaming, hot fries? When cooked at home, you can make these far healthier than at certain burger restaurants that are covered with oil and salt. French fries are a cinch to make and that crispy exterior combined with fluffy soft interior is the perfect snack for any time of the day. Add a bit of tomato sauce or mayo and you’re dining like kings and queens!


Something a bit fancier if you’re feeling daring


Want to impress everyone with a potato dish that’s a somewhat different from the usual ideas? Go for Hasselback new potatoes and add some herbs and spices of your choice to mix things up. These look amazing and taste even better, so why not show off your cooking skills and present these spuds for the table. They even taste nice cold and would make a good addition to any lunch box.


Simple but effective & great with meat (and vegetarian too)


Lastly, there’s nothing quite like mashed potato if you just need something rapid as a side dish for any meat or vegetarian meal. Great with sausages or steak, but also with a Quorn meal as a meat-free option, you’ll find that mashed potato goes with pretty much anything. Plus, you can make loads of it and use it for two or three meals to speed up cooking in the following days… doesn’t that sound good?

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