Performing arts company celebrates successful summer

By Jessica Durston - 8 September 2021

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Swindon's Revolution Performing Arts (RPA) reflects on its work with hundreds of children and young people and its Ofsted registration.

  • An image taken from RPA's Summer School 2021 activities

    An image taken from RPA's Summer School 2021 activities

Revolution Performing Arts provided activities that aimed to keep children and young people motivated this summer and recently succeeded in obtaining registration with Ofsted.

Founder Fi Da Silva Adams said: “It’s fantastic to look back on a successful summer of fun workshops for singing, dancing and drama together with stage technology and media makeup.

"The workshops were held from the end of July and throughout August and were all about engaging young people, including those on a low income that wouldn’t always be able to engage in the arts.”

The team at RPA joined the national Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) initiative backed by England footballer, Marcus Rashford MBE. The HAF project was set up to encourage organisations across the UK to offer free places to children from four years up to the age of 18 from low income families.

RPA’s activities are available for children aged 4 to 16.

Of the children who took part in the summer activities, RPA said half were part of the HAF programme.

Fi added: “There had been a stigma around receiving free school meals, but this initiative supported by the HAF programme made a specific point of not marginalising these young people, so that they were able to feel just the same as everybody else. This was important to me because when I was a child I was the young person having free school meals and I always felt singled out because of it. 

“This inclusivity is such a key factor for their reassurance and empowerment and clearly aligns with the RPA ethos of inclusion and celebrating uniqueness. No one should be excluded from something they enjoy by the barrier of poverty or low income.

“We were able to not only feed their creative spirits, but also feed their tummies, thanks to the lovely Ellen at The Barista in Cricklade, who supplied the food for us all.”

During the summer, RPA became Ofsted registered as they said it will also help lots of families financially. It means that families can pay to attend classes with the vouchers provided through the Government’s childcare voucher scheme. 

Fi continued: “I have never previously considered that RPA provides childcare, as we are all about wellbeing and performing arts, so I never felt that Ofsted was an appropriate governing body for us. 

“However, now that Ofsted has a voluntary register that categorically states RPA is a performing arts coaching organisation and not a childcare provider, I thought the time was right to register.” 

Now that RPA is Ofsted registered, vouchers can be accepted as payment for classes and holiday workshops.

RPA will be having an open day on Sunday September 19 between 3pm and 5pm at Supermarine RFC, Supermarine Road, Swindon. 

Revolution Performing Arts was founded in 2007.

The organisation wishes to remind the public that all the teachers are DBS checked, trained in first aid and receive training in safeguarding protocols. RPA says it specialises in empowering young people to celebrate their individuality through the power of performing arts.

More information about RPA can be found at

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