How to Keep a Clean House with a Dog That Sheds

By Arthur Brown - 27 August 2020

Home and Garden

Dogs are and will always remain man's best friend. Whether it sheds or not, you need to embrace it as it takes care of your home or stays in your home as a pet. When dogs shed, sometimes it gets frustrating, especially when cleaning your house since the fur or coat becomes difficult to clean effectively. However, you need not worry since there are so many tips that will help you clean the fur effectively.

Here are ways you can clean your house to remove that pet fur.

   1.Have lint rollers

When you want to perform a quick cleaning up because you are expecting visitors and such, lint rollers help a lot. They are handy when cleaning clothes and also upholstery. The good thing about lint rollers is that they are affordable, and you can get them in a supermarket or store near you, at a pocket-friendly cost. Most of these rollers cost at least a dollar per piece. The lint rollers can be placed in the sitting areas in the living room and also in the bedside table. They will effectively remove the fur and prevent it from accumulating. One good thing about the lint rollers is that they can save you embarrassment as you leave for a meeting or job since you can run them on your clothes as touch-ups and remove any fur on your wear.

   2.Avoid the brooms, get a vacuum

Brooms aren't the excellent cleaning equipment for pet fur. You will keep swiping, but you will still find fur around since they can't remove them all. If you are still using brooms, it's better you ditch them and get a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums are the best equipment for managing pet hair in your home since they scoop every hair, leaving your home spotlessly clean. The vacuum will suck all the hair in your living and bedroom, and you won't get the stress of sweeping repeatedly. For effective results, ensure you move the vacuum in all directions and have it done regularly to ensure the fur does not accumulate. 

   3.Have sponges and a spray bottle


Sponges and spray bottles are affordable. Despite being affordable, they will help you clean the fur shed by your dogs at home in an easy way. Sponges are best used to support the lint rollers and help a lot to remove hairs from all types of furniture, especially chairs and cupboards. How do you do it? After running your lint rollers, damped your furniture a bit by spraying on them, using the spray bottle. Then dampen your sponge and run it gently on the furniture to pick the hairs. The sponge always works best when the hair is small, making it an effective way of supporting the rollers. If you do not have the sponge, you can use leather or wet gloves to work effectively on this. You can also use a dampened mop, which will work better on the floors and other surfaces. 

   4.Use the three-step to clean carpets

These three steps are mostly applicable to carpets or other related items. First, dampen the carpet a bit. Avoid soaking it since it will be challenging to dry. Get a brush and scrub all the hairs into a centralized place, which will form a ball, after brushing use a vacuum, and running it over your carpet. Finally, complete the process by running a squeegee to pick the tiny hairs. You can do these processes at least monthly when you want to clean your carpet thoroughly. However, occasionally, you can independently use these processes, depending on how dirty your carpet is. It effectively works in areas where these pets sleep or spend their day.

   5.Use a wet cloth instead of a duster

Most people always dust their furniture and surfaces while at home. While it's practical, it can't be that effective when cleaning pet hairs. When you dust, the hairs will fly off to new surfaces. When you use a wet cloth, you get to capture all the hairs, thus effectively cleaning it without much struggle. Ensure the wet cloth is moderately wet to capture the pet fur, unlike the duster, which blows the fur away. 


Other methods you can use include having washable materials to cover the coach, trimming your pet's hairs, and brushing your pet often to remove loose hairs. The tips in this fur cleaning article will help you mainly in removing pet hairs in your home without much incurring high costs since you will be using the usual cleaning material, but in a different way than before.


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