Swindon non-profit organisation release empowering single ahead of new album drop

By Jessica Durston - 22 September 2022

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Swindon-based Sounds Like Women - a non-profit for those who have experienced domestic abuse and inequality - have released a new single 'How to Know' ahead of their album drop this November.

Non-profit organisation Sounds Like Women says it is proud to announce the second song co-written during its ‘Songwriting for Recovery’ workshops, performed by a survivor of domestic violence.

Lisa S (not the individual's real name) took part in Sounds Like Women's recovery workshops last year. She agreed to record her own story - and this new track is based around her experience of being a domestic abuse survivor. 

She is a mother of two, and passionate about music and singing. She worked with the Swindon-based non-profit to create the new single 'How to Know.'

Recently, she has been going through a court case with her ex-husband. This is why she is unable to use her real name.  

A spokesperson said: "The song answers the question 'How do you know if he cares or just wants control?'. The track is about facing that question in real life - when you feel the fear and panic, and when you think you have no understanding of what’s going on with you and your relationship. It is then you need to know there is hope and help.

"The darkness of abuse and permanent control can drive you into madness, to the point of blaming yourself for literally everything, and feeling lost and broken. 'It is not alright, It is not okay' sings Lisa S in her song about her struggle, her fight, and at the end, her winning the battle."

Luiza Staniec Moir set up Sounds Like Women over four years ago. She is also a composer, songwriter and music therapist.

She said: “Music saved my life 25 years ago. Now it helps everybody who has attends the Songwriting for Recovery workshops with Sounds Like Women. Singing and songwriting for recovery from domestic abuse, empowers survivors, connects with others and raises awareness about this issue."

Sounds Like Women is dedicated supporting survivors of domestic abuse through free music workshops. It released its first collaborative album EP1 ‘Without Violence & of all Colour’ in 2019,  and the non-profit has also been supporting domestic abuse survivors through a variety of community events, including online streaming gigs and community café meet-ups.

'How to Know' is the second single from the Sounds Like Women’s EP2 ‘Without Violence & of All Colours’.

Luiza says: "All five songs on EP2, have come from a dark place, but in the process of creation, have turned the pain into something very powerful and beautiful, connecting with others with similar issues, giving them hope and strength to face it."

Sounds Like Women are planning to release EP2 'Without Violence of all Colours' on 25 November.

Luiza adds that the release of EP2 will enable survivors to complete the full process of recovery, build their confidence to start a new life without abuse, and let the others know that they are not alone, and that there is a way out of it.

Through this release the organisation will be also raising awareness about domestic violence and raising money for their workshops and events.

Members of the public can find Sounds Like Women's crowdfunder website and donate at: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/songwriting-for-recovery-from-domestic-abuse-album


More information about Sounds Like Women can be found online at:

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