Time For The Spring Clean, Make Sure To Clean These Neglected Areas

By Staff Reporter - 2 April 2020

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As we work our way through the second week of a Nationwide lock down, lots of us have more time on our hands than ever before and we’re constantly in our homes. The big issue with being in hour home 24/7 is that things get messy really quick. So it looks like it may be the time do get on with Spring cleaning, today we’ll be talking through some areas people often miss when cleaning, so, let’s get into it.

  • Clean Your Blinds

According to the experts at DotcomBlinds, a lot of people neglect to clean their window furnishings when cleaning up a room. While skipping the blinds from time to time isn’t a great tragedy, if you leave them for too long they can end up incredibly dirty.

Obviously, with so many types of blinds available on the market, there’s no one technique for all blinds, so we asked the team at DotcomBlinds for their tips on how to clean blinds.

Roller & Roman Blinds – Rollers and Romans are a simple one to clean, just simply roll your blind down to full extension and gently run your vacuum’s upholstery attachment down it gently.

Venetian Blinds – Venetian blinds are a bit fiddlier than roller blinds, but this is due to the amount of slats on a venetian blind. Using a dry cloth, wipe along each slat to get rid of dust. Or you can even get cleaning tools specifically for cleaning multiple slats at once.

  • Underneath/Behind Furniture

Be honest, when you’re vacuuming, how often do you pull your sofas out to get the dust under and behind them? We all avoid it because sometimes it’s too much effort to pull your sofas across your living room.

But when doing a big clean, they should be done, if you let too much dust and debris accumulate under and behind your sofa, you can end up massive amounts of dust on the carpet underneath and the skirting board behind the sofa, which can end up leaving dark dirt marks that will be more of a hassle to get out down the line.

  • Light Fixtures/Lamp Shades

This is often an area that people neglect until they become so dusty that they require a serious deep clean. All lamp shades and light fixtures are dust magnets and should be cleaned regularly to save yourself the effort of having to deep clean them.

For lamp shades, just run a cloth around the inside of the shade and over the light itself, this will get any dust it’s picked up. Ceiling fixtures are not so simple, unless you have the body of a basketball player, odds are you cant reach the lights on your ceiling, so we recommend lightly dusting ceiling fittings from time to time with an extendable feather duster to get all that dust away.

  • Throw Pillows

We’re used to cleaning pillows that we sleep on, but why not sofa pillows? Most people don’t even think about them when tidying up. But still they pick up dust, dead skin and of course the occasional stain (Now there’s a no soup on the sofa rule in my house).

So being mindful of this, when you hoover the living room, make sure to give these pillows a good run with the upholstery attachment to get off dust and then give the pillow cases a run through the washing machine when you put your bedding through the wash to ensure they’re clean, look fresh and smell fresher!

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