Swindon Big Knit invite public to celebrate Granny Square Day and help the homeless

By Jessica Durston - 4 August 2022

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Knitting and crochet group, Swindon Big Knit, are inviting members of the public to join them in celebrating Granny Square Day by picking up their crochet hooks and helping vulnerable people.

The group are based in Swindon and meet regularly at the Orbital, within the Customer Service Hub. 

The Swindon-based group knit and crochet blankets and other items for the Swindon homeless and the vulnerable.

A granny square is the name given to a crochet pattern that is usually used to make squares for blankets.

The Swindon Big Knit group say the method is quick and simple, and can create great, warm, blankets.

Individuals can find the crochet pattern to make a granny square at https://www.gathered.how/knitting-and-crochet/crochet/how-to-make-a-crochet-granny-square/ 

Granny Square Day - held on 15 August - is a virtual crocheted blanket event, where people from all over the world crochet a granny square and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #grannysquareday2022.

The idea is that when you visit the hashtag on Instagram, all the photos of the squares appear as a collage and look like a virtual blanket.

The event has been running since 2014, and those interested can look back on subsequent years to see the effect of Granny Square Day. 

The Swindon Big Knit group say they love the idea of Granny Square Day, however, virtual blankets do not keep people warm. The group are hoping that they can make a real blanket with help from other Swindonians. 

They are inviting individuals to crochet a granny square with double knitting yarn that is 10 rounds in size - they say this means the crocheting indviduals will need to go round 10 times.

Those involved can then take photos of their squares to share them on Instagram with the granny square hashtag, and join in the virtual blanket. Afterwards, they can then send their squares to the Big Knit group for them to incorporate into a blanket for someone in need.

Those interested can email Tracey at majortracey@gmail.com to find out where to send the squares or find out more via the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OrbitalBigKnit 

A spokesperson from the Swindon Big Knit group said: "If you want to get more involved in the group or if you have yarn to donate, you'll find The Swindon Big Knit at the Orbital in the Customer Service Hub at the Orbital, Thamesdown Drive.

"It’s the glass building opposite the library. Our next meeting is Saturday 1 October at 2pm."

The group's crafting takes place in an upstairs room of the Customer Service Hub. Attendees can access the stairs around the back of the building, and there is a lift too. 

With the cost of living crisis hitting everyone this winter, the Swindon Big Knit at the Orbital says it will be busier than ever making its blankets for people in need. 

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