Local folk dancing club looking for new members

By Jessica Durston - 27 July 2022

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A new folk dancing club - based in Wroughton - will be starting this September and is looking for newcomers.

The club will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, at Wroughton Infant School, School Lane, Wroughton, starting from 7 September.

Folk dancing includes many types of dances from the last four hundred years. It includes the stately court dances and also the sort of dances that were danced at village celebrations, often in a barn or outdoors on the village green. However many of the  dances danced today are modern in origin.

Judith Randell-Sly, of the club, said: "When folk dance is mentioned, many people think of Morris men with their bells and sticks, but most folk dancing are not like that at all and there is not a bell or a stick in sight! However the beauty of these dances is that they exercise the brain, as well as the body and they are always sociable."

For further details, individuals can contact: Glenys at [email protected] and 01793 525523 or Judith on [email protected] or 01793 521798.

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