Freshbrook Rainbows raise £400 for Children in Need with sponsored 'Help-a-thon'

By Jessica Durston - 17 November 2022

  • A group photo of the 1st Freshbrook Rainbows and their teddies with leaders Polar Bear (far left) and Penguin (far right)

    A group photo of the 1st Freshbrook Rainbows and their teddies with leaders Polar Bear (far left) and Penguin (far right)

The 1st Freshbrook Rainbows were sponsored by their family members and guardians to do good deeds over the course of 14 days in aid of Children in Need.

Examples of some of the Rainbows' Help-a-thon sheets

The Rainbow leaders set the Help-a-thon challenge around three weeks ago, leaving it up to the Rainbows themselves, when they partook in their 14 days.

The group has 15 young girls, alongside four regular volunteer leaders.

The total amount of money raised was £400.

The Rainbows filled out a grid template and listed the helpful things they had been doing during their Help-a-thon.

Rainbow leader Polar Bear (Katie) announced the grand total at the group’s most recent meeting, ahead of Children in Need day on Friday 18 November.

The Rainbows held a teddy bear’s picnic in celebration of Pudsey and Children in Need. They were joined by leader Polar Bear, Penguin (Charlotte), Panda (Amanda) and Piglet (Charlotte).

Each Rainbow brought in her favourite teddy bear, and shared the bear’s name and story with the rest of the group.

After this, the members discussed the good deeds they had been doing during their Help-a-thon, and enjoyed snacks and drinks. Some of the tasks the Rainbows had carried out included making their bed, helping with the dishes, putting away the shopping, helping to feed the family pets, and rescuing some worms from the playground.

Following their ‘picnic’, the Rainbows enjoyed games of musical chairs with their teddies.

Polar Bear said: “Organising the Help-a-thon has been a lot of fun – and sometimes a little bit of hard work getting the girls to remember to write down all the amazing things they have been doing to help out at home or at school.

“They have all done really well, and I’m so impressed with the amount of money that we have raised for Children in Need. I enjoyed hearing them share with the rest of the group what they have been up to, and it’s nice for them to remember the good they did over the course of the two weeks.”

Penguin said: “I am very happy with £400 for Children in Need. This was unexpected and brilliant. It was so nice that all the girls got on board and did all these different activities, coming together as a team.

“They had a good time doing these helpful activities as well – which is the whole point of the challenge. The majority of the girls are around four or five years of age, so it is probably the first time they have done any fundraising activity – especially with covid putting a stop to things like this before now.

“Today’s teddy bear picnic activities have been in celebration of their hard work and in celebration of Children in Need. The girls have said they have been looking forward to this session, and seeing their joy and excitement really makes us feel like our volunteering is worthwhile.”

Girlguiding UK have produced some Children in Need fundraising badges for 2022 (pictured above) and the 1st Freshbrook Rainbows will each receive one for completing their sponsored challenge.

The group will also be attending a local care home soon for Christmas, to sing carols to the elderly residents.

Penguin added: "We would also love some new volunteers to join us to help support our young girls. If you would like to get involved in Girlguiding UK, either as a volunteer leader, or would like to join a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger unit, please contact Nicky Howard on [email protected]."

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