The best mobile apps for commuters across Swindon

By Jamie Hill - 21 August 2019

Opinion and Features

If you live in the Swindon area, but you commute along the M4 corridor or via train to nearby cities like Bristol, Oxford or even London, that’s a significant amount of time in your day to spend travelling. Millennials are time-poor enough as it is to lose more time to commuting. If you’re fed up of sleeping through your daily commute, why not do something about it?

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has made mobile apps more accessible than ever before. As a commuter, mobile apps can be a godsend to you. They can provide entertainment when needed, enhance your productivity at work and help you keep in touch with the people that matter to you most. Let’s take a look at five of the best mobile apps that can transform the lives of commuters throughout Swindon and Wiltshire.

Stitcher: Ideal for podcast fiends

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a car or sitting on a hot, stuffy train carriage, podcasts are a great to switch off and unwind before and after work. Whether you like podcasts about current affairs, your favourite TV shows or even your favourite sports team, Stitcher is ideal for you. With over 40,000 different podcasts and shows to choose from, you can download them to play offline, even when you don’t have signal.

Trello: Improve your overview of work to-dos

If you are a line manager, Trello can be an absolute godsend for keeping track of projects and assignments. You can coordinate project tasks and assign colleagues with to-dos, set deadlines and liaise with team members where necessary. Trello can be accessed on the move via mobile app, allowing you to prioritise the work that needs doing and give you more control over your working hours.

Oddschecker: The perfect hub for sports fanatics

Oddschecker is a sports fan’s paradise. Not only does it list all the latest sporting odds on upcoming matches and competitions, but it also allows you to get daily news and tips from Oddshecker’s sports correspondents. Moreover, it’s a good platform for iGamers who like to play on mobile. You can see loads of sites that offer free spins without having to part with any of your own cash.

Headspace: Primed for mental wellbeing

It’s well-documented that millennial professionals struggle to manage their time well outside of work. The daily rigours of work in the 21st century make it hard to maintain stability in your body and mind. Headspace is an app designed to provide more balance through meditation and mindfulness techniques that allow you to switch off and unwind after working hours.

Duolingo: Channel your inner multi-linguist

If you’d like to challenge and stimulate your brain, why not use your commuting time in and around Swindon to learn a new language? Duolingo is designed to provide bite-sized lessons for learning new languages, with 15 languages available to learn absolutely free. The lessons range from basic exercises to more challenging games that will keep you fully-engaged.

There’s no longer any excuse to waste your commuting hours in the day. Grab the bull by the horns and try on these mobile apps for size.

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