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By Amanda Wilkins - 16 November 2023


The biggest changes to recycling in Swindon for 15 years are rapidly approaching.

Swindon Borough council are preparing residents for the changes which are due to come into affect from Monday 27 November.
All affected households should have received a letter with information on their new collection day and if you're unsure of your new day, the council reccommend using the look-up tool on the website waste wizard to search for your postcode.

From Monday 27 November, food waste will be collected from households, although people who live in a property with a communal bin store will not be affected.

A spokesperson said: "The council advise that you check you have your new recycling containers, you know your new collection day, you know how to corrrectly seperate your recycling and you are ready to wash and squash your plastics."

Full details of the changes can be found online.
People can also use the website to report not receiving new containers, and there are links for other services including reporting a missed delivery.
Tne spokesperson added: "You can place any additional recycling in any sturdy container as long as it's separated correctly.

"Any plastic recycling placed in a single use, plastic bag will not be collected after Monday 27 November.

"Once the waste has been collected it is handled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

"The food waste is taken to a plant in Wiltshire, where it is turned into fertiliser for crops or converted into natural forms of energy. That compares with putting it in your general waste, where it ends up being burnt to generate electricity. 

"Food waste is made up of about 70 per cent water, requiring considerably more energy to burn it, making this a less efficient method of disposal than recycling.

"The council reccomend that residents check their  FAQs page for further information about the upcoming changes."


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