Swindon Council urges public to stay home to protect the NHS

By Jamie Hill - 23 January 2021


Steve Maddern, Director of Public Health at Swindon Borough Council, is urging the people of Swindon to continue following the rules.

Now more than ever we appreciate how much we depend on our NHS and the Great Western Hospital (GWH) to support our 24/7 health needs – it’s more than likely you or someone you know, will have benefitted from the life-saving and enhancing services it provides.

The situation remains challenging for the GWH treating a high number of COVID-19 patients, while staff also do everything they can to meet all our existing treatment and healthcare needs at this time of year.

Across the UK, over 38,000 people are currently in hospital with coronavirus. That’s up 4.8 per cent from last week.

Every unnecessary interaction you have could be the link in a chain of transmission which has a vulnerable person at the end. We also know there’s a more transmissible (spreadable) variant of the virus present across the UK that may be up to 70 per cent more transmissible than the original variant.

One in three people who have the virus have no symptoms, so you could be spreading it without knowing it. That’s why we must continue to follow the ‘Stay at home’ national lockdown rules in place.

We still have weeks to go before vaccines will start reducing COVID deaths and, some weeks later, the number of people being hospitalised.

Please continue to play your part: stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.



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