The Necessary Steps to Be Taken After Being Rear-Ended by a Drunk Driver

By Staff Reporter - 3 March 2021

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Drinking alcohol, even in small quantities, can have a serious influence on people’s consciousness and attention. Not only drinking and driving are a dangerous mix to the driver, but this can also affect the lives of others. Due to the poor decisions they make, drunk drivers make up the majority of accidents in the US. Such accidents can take several forms like wrong-way wrecks, pedestrian crashes, head-on collisions, and rear-end collisions.

In the latter type, the driver’s estimation of distances is inaccurate, and his reaction is slow because of the alcohol. When a driver stops suddenly or slows down in front of drunk drivers, they cannot take an immediate and proper response, causing property damage and injuries to others. If you or your loved one has been in a rear-end crash by a drunk driver, these tips will help you go through this unfortunate experience.

Seek Medical Attention

Right after any accident, your health is the most important thing to take care of. Even if you are not severely injured, you must get everything checked out. Because most of the time your body is in shock, you will not always see the accident impacts right away. Call 911 for an ambulance to be sent your way and get the necessary medical care. Not only will the doctor address any symptoms or treat any injuries you may sustain, but they will document your condition if you file a claim.

Call The Police

In case the police are not already at the scene of the accident, it is better to contact them immediately. When you notify the police, you will then ensure that the accident is fully documented in the police reports to file a lawsuit against the driver or a claim to the insurance company. The reputable team of lawyers at recommend calling the police, as you will lose an integral piece of evidence when you desire compensation without this step. Additionally, the drunk driver does not answer for their action and may repeat it in the future.


Take Pictures

While it is understandable that you will be focusing more on recovery, you should not neglect gathering evidence. The most obvious and effective type of evidence is photos. In case your accident did not result in severe injury hindering you from capturing photos, you should scope the scene from various angles. Take snaps of damaged properties and visible injuries. You should also take pictures of the other car’s plate and street name to give you solid evidence. Pictures that illustrate how the accident happened will help you prove who is at fault and will get you compensated.

Talk To Witnesses

Regardless of the severity level of the collision, it will certainly obstruct traffic. There is a high chance that you will find many witnesses around the block. Speak to whoever saw the accident and get testimonies to back you up.  Other people who have seen the accident from different areas can add more info on what happened. Do not forget to take their contact information for credibility.

Contact The Insurance Company

It is vital to report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible since we are talking about property damage or personal injury. This way, you can file a claim asking for coverage by the insurance carrier. Nearly all insurance policies in the States ask for accident reports. If you do not follow such policies, you may face penalties and be denied coverage. Reporting the accident to such firms helps in obtaining instant repairs and covering injuries that may not be apparent at the time of the accident.

Consult A Reputable Attorney

Rear-ended collisions, among other collision types, fall under the personal injury cases. Technically, such cases are very common, and you can find many specialized attorneys to help you in that regard. Usually, the first consultation is for free? and you can see where you can go from there. An esteemed personal injury lawyer has the required expertise to handle difficult insurance companies, work on evidence, and build up a strong case in court.

Driving under the influence of alcohol can be one of the top causes of various types of accidents. It rids the person of his concentration on the road and causes drowsiness and dizziness, resulting in disasters. Like any accident, rear-ended crashes by drunk drivers lead to property damage, loss of wages, physical and mental injuries, as well as pain and suffering. Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy the situation, through reporting the accident and filing for a personal injury claim.


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