Average Swindon family paying £700 more per year for food, Labour says

By Barrie Hudson - 27 April 2023

  • Cllr Jim Robbins

    Cllr Jim Robbins

Swindon Labour says the cost of living crisis has left families in the town facing a collective £62,230,000 extra food bill.

This, the party says, means an average family has seen the price of the weekly food shop rise by £700 per year.

The release of the figures comes as political parties vie for votes in the local council elections set for 4 May.

Swindon Labour Group leader Cllr Jim Robbins said: "Under the Conservatives we are suffering the worst cost of living crisis in a generation and it’s getting worse by the day. Yet instead of offering families the support they need the Tories are raising taxes for families in Swindon while giving a £1bn tax cut to the richest people in the country.

“But Labour is on your side, and Labour has a plan. We would freeze council tax for every household in the country, and stop bills rising above £2,000 this year – fully funded by a windfall tax on the oil and gas giants. And we’d get the country going again through Keir Starmer’s Mission to deliver the highest sustained growth in the G7.

“Locally, we are determined to get Swindon moving by sorting the roads, to keep Council Tax low, to get tough with developers and protect our Green space, support the local economy and keep people safe by tackling knife crime.  

“Next Thursday voters in Swindon have a choice. A vote for Labour is a vote to cut the cost of living, cut crime and cut waiting lists. That’s how we will build a better Swindon.”

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