Major Queen's Park refurbishment details revealed

By Barrie Hudson - 6 April 2021


South Swindon Parish Council has announced large-scale refurbishment for Queen's Park in the coming months.

Cllrs Sam Jones, left, and Dave Griffiths at the Drove Road entrance gate
There will be four projects:
- Restoration of the main entrance gates, which date back to the 1950s, to their former glory by Parish Maintenance Officers. 

- Rebuilding of the wall at the Durham Street entrance. The foundation for the wall has failed, leading to large cracks which the parish council says will only continue to worsen and become a public safety risk. 

- Creating a new disability access ramp at the Queen's Park Memorial Garden entrance. Currently the steps make this a difficult entrance point. The ramp will be in the centre of the steps and the steps will also have new ornate wrought iron railings in keeping with that section of the park. 

- Creating new path surfaces and and a disability ramp in the Secret Garden. The current ramp is not easily navigated in a wheelchair currently, and according to the council has become ugly, with decaying timber sides. These will be rebuilt with concrete.

Eastcott parish councillor Sam James, said: "I am delighted that parish councillors are fully supportive of this work. 

"The parish council took on the management of Queen's Park in 2019 on a 99-year lease. Since then we have removed the duckweed from Queen's Park pond, refurbished the park’s benches and installed a new World War Two Memorial. 

"This work is the next stage of our investment in the park and will be taking place in instalments over the spring and summer months. 

"It will make a huge difference to the look and feel of the park and we are looking forward to seeing the improvements completed.”

Other parish council projects in the park include planned major refurbishments of the Bowl and the former hothouse.


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