MP praises campaigners after golf course plans vetoed

By Barrie Hudson - 11 January 2023

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  • Cllr Jenny Jeffries and South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland

    Cllr Jenny Jeffries and South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland

Swindon Borough Council's Planning Committee has rejected a bid to build on Broome Manor Golf Course.

The decision prompted South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland to praise the efforts of local residents and local ward councillor Jenny Jeffries in rallying opposition to the plan.

Sir Robert himself opposed the proposals by leaseholder Twigmarket Ltd, which would have resulted in the loss of three holes on the complex’s nine-hole course. 

He said: “I was extremely concerned that instead of improving and expanding upon this site, this proposed development would have resulted in the loss of a much needed and well-used golfing facility here in Swindon.

"The nine-hole course is a very useful entry point for junior golfers taking up the sport, as well as recreational use for more senior residents, the less able, and those who have limits on their time, particularly during the winter months. Especially as the complex is the only facility for golf in Swindon.

“I was concerned that the loss of the nine-hole golfing option would have an extremely detrimental effect on a large user group and does not promote inclusion.

“It is also vital that we maintain the green buffer zone of Broome Manor and Coate Water for the benefit of future generations of Swindon residents.

“The proposed football pitches with artificial surfaces, high fencing and top netting would have resulted in the current open aspect of the Broome Manor site being destroyed and had a negative impact on the nearby landscape.

“I am extremely grateful to Cllr Jenny Jeffries who has worked very hard over the past months, meeting with many local residents and gathering their views. Cllr Jeffries collated all of the views into a single statement, which was read out at the planning meeting last night.”

Cllr Jeffries said: “I would like to thank all of the local residents who contacted me to share their views, this was a real community effort, and I am glad that we will not lose the green buffer, or beloved golfing facilities, which many local residents, including juniors, adult beginners, the less able, and the elderly rely on to stay fit. “

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