Greens launch manifesto for Swindon

By Barrie Hudson - 23 March 2021


Electric buses and more walking and cycle paths are among the measures outlined in Swindon Area Green Party's new manifesto for the town.

  • St Andrews candidate Bradley Williams, pictured at a party event

    St Andrews candidate Bradley Williams, pictured at a party event

The party will be standing candidates across the borough in the local elections on Thursday, 6 May. 
The Greens are hoping to see Swindon’s Green councillor elected during a year in which environmental issues and climate change have taken more prominence than ever before.
The Greens’ five priorities for Swindon are: 
- Introduce electric buses to reduce air pollution, reduce noise from bus traffic, and offer Swindon’s residents more comfortable bus journeys
- Retrofit Swindon’s homes to reduce residents’ energy bills, reduce illness from cold and draughty homes, create new green jobs, and increase energy efficiency 
- Develop more walking and cycle paths to improve health and wellbeing, reduce air pollution, reduce traffic congestion, and improve road safety (particularly around schools) 
- Collect and recycle food waste to reduce waste going to landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and produce renewable energy and natural fertiliser 
- Protect and restore wildlife habitat to improve the local environment, create more green space, support local wildlife, and reverse biodiversity loss
Bradley Williams, who is standing for the party in St Andrews, said: “Swindon’s Greens are passionate about helping the people of this town thrive, not just economically with the provision of green jobs, but by providing environmentally sustainable and affordable homes and businesses and an environment that is better for people and wildlife.   
“We are committed to be being active in the local community, hearing the voices of constituents, and bringing their ideas and concerns to the council. 
"We will tackle the issues on the ground, whether it be litter, dog theft, drug dealing, or parking problems, to make a real difference to day-to-day life for Swindon’s residents.”   

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