GWH to set up Macmillan Personalised Care Team

By Jessica Durston - 6 December 2021


Two Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialists are setting up a Macmillan Personalised Care Team at Swindon's Great Western Hospital.

The Personalised Care team will work to focus on the health and wellbeing of all the patients being treated for cancer at GWH.
Starting in the new year, they will be delivering support workshops for patients, offering health and wellbeing events to address common issues that many patients with cancer experience – including fatigue, anxiety and fear, carer support, dietary needs and help with managing a cancer diagnosis.
The team will also be running monthly face-to-face ‘Take Control’ workshops, which are group-based courses.
These events aim to be hugely beneficial to patients, not only to help with managing their cancer but also to help tackle social isolation and provide the opportunity for them to link in with other patients in a similar situation.
These sessions will be starting in the new year and there will be more information to follow from GWH about how patients can sign up.

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