Walk helped create nature lovers of tomorrow

By Barrie Hudson - 24 January 2023


Haydon Wick Parish Council teamed up with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for a special winter walk.

The two organisations said their aim was to open children's eyes to the treasure that is Mouldon Hill Country Park.

Children of the parish were invited with their parents or carers to take a guided walk around the country park to discover and explore the winter landscape. 

Neil Pullen from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, gave each a little bag of bird seed and a bird identification sheet. The focus of the walk was colours and different bird species.Cormorants, white egret, coots, and mallard ducks were among the birds that the group spotted during their adventure, and there was a visit from the winter robin. 

The children played a game of pooh sticks from the bridge behind the lake, and there was a carefully monitored lesson in skimming stones on the ice.

A council spokesperson said: "Along with cold toes, the children took a lot from the exploration, and feedback from parents stated that the walk was thoroughly enjoyed, many informing us they saw their children spending the rest of the day keeping an eye out for other bird species landing in their gardens. 

"The council is looking forward to working alongside The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for future events throughout the year.  Keep an eye on our social media and website for future dates."

The council's website is haydonwick.gov.uk

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