Call for more Swindon households to help people fleeing Ukraine war

By Barrie Hudson - 29 May 2024


Swindon Borough Council has revealed that 281 people arriving from Ukraine have so far been supported thanks to residents' efforts.

However, it still wants to hear from people who have a spare bedroom and would be open to hosting a person or family fleeing the war as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.
Participants may have someone they know already who they want to help, or members of the council's team can help in looking for a match.
Providing all eligibility requirements are met, hosts will receive £350 per month for the first six months of their guest's stay, and this will increase to £500 per month beyond six months, available for the duration of a guest’s Homes for Ukraine visa.

Cllr Janine Howarth, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “The people of Swindon have already been so generous in opening their homes to almost 300 Ukrainians fleeing the war.

“The Homes for Ukraine scheme is doing an amazing job supporting people having to leave their homes to escape an unnecessary war and Swindon is doing its part.

“Please, if you have a spare bedroom in your home, think about offering it up to host someone.”

Further information can be obtained by searching for 'Ukraine' at



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