How men are addressing their insecurities

By Staff Reporter - 24 August 2020

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Forget the clichés of women being emotional and insecure, and men being strong and brave. It is actually society norms like those that can make men experience insecurity more. All types of men have worries and fears. But thankfully, more and more men are identifying and addressing their insecurities so that they can move forward.

Body Image Insecurities


When the media is continuously showing clichéd images of how men should look, it is easy for men to begin thinking negatively about their attractiveness. But just because you are not six foot four, you do not have dark hair, and you do not have muscles to rival Vin Diesel, it does not mean you are unattractive.


The truth is people are attracted to men of all shapes and sizes. Some like tall men while others like thin men. Some prefer men with long hair, while others prefer bald heads. To overcome negative body images, men need to gain self-confidence and self-acceptance. However, you can also take action to change some things for the better. For instance, if you are insecure about your weight, you can take steps such as exercising and eating healthy foods to help you lose weight. And if you feel undervalued since you have lost your hair, you can use hair treatments like Finasteride. When hair remedies are still associated with charlatan hair tonics of olden days, men are sure to ask, does finasteride really work? Well, in fact, the oral treatment works to stop or even reverse hair loss in 90% of men who have male pattern baldness.


Relationship Insecurities


Whether you have been cheated on or you have another hang-up from an old relationship that is still preying on your mind, it can affect your current or future relationships. Things like experiencing a violation of trust can naturally cause numerous worries and fears. You may feel like you will never be able to co-exist in a trusting partnership or that you no longer have the ability to forgive.


Whatever the relationship insecurity is, you will not be able to move forward unless you identify the problem. So, you need to tackle relationship insecurities head-on. The key is to vocalise your concerns with your partner. By sharing your insecurities, you will be able to trust each other more, and together you can come up with a plan to address each other’s needs, wants and desires. You can then both get to a place where you feel respected and where neither partner is commandeering the other.


Career Insecurities


Men’s identities are often tied to what they do for a living, especially in the west. You could feel insecure that you do not have a job as worthwhile or as impressive as others, or you could fear failing to live up to your employer’s expectations or worry that you will lose your job. Such insecurities are only too common.


You can address your career fears by first identifying the contributing factors that are making you feel insecure. You will then be able to look at those factors objectively and take steps to overcome them. That could result in you realising that you are actually happy in an unskilled job and that you do not want to impress others with a fancy job title after all, or you could realise that you want to better yourself and begin searching for a career that will give you satisfaction. You may even decide to return to education so you can obtain qualifications to pursue your career of choice. It is a good idea to talk to a career advisor or a counsellor so you can explore your career insecurities and desires in more detail.


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