Starmer chooses Swindon to launch local election campaign

By Barrie Hudson - 30 March 2023

  • Sir Keir addresses the crowd

    Sir Keir addresses the crowd

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer visited Swindon alongside deputy Angela Rayner and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves.

Labour activists were out in force
He pledged a council tax freeze funded by windfall tax levied against energy companies who have seen revenue surge since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, - a tax Sir Keir said had yet to be collected.
Speaking on the upper floor of Swindon Hub in the town centre, Sir Keir addressed a crowd of Labour activists, councillors and candidates including South Swindon Parliamentary Candidate Heidi Alexander and North Swindon counterpart Will Stone.
Sir Keir asked the audience: "Do you believe that Britain deserves better? Deserves better than long [waiting] lists at your local hospital? Better than crime soaring and antisocial behaviour going up, yet neighbourhood policing going down?
"Better than yet more tax rises in the middle of of a cost of living crisis?
"Because if the answer to that is is, 'Yes, Britain deserves better,' there's something you can do about it, which is go out on Thursday, May 4 and vote Labour.
"It's time to send a message, a message to this Government that what they're delivering for our country is not good enough. It's nowhere near good enough.
"Seven million people on NHS waiting lists, crime going virtually unpunished and yet more tax rises in the middle of a cost of living crisis."
Turning to taxation, the Labour leader accused the Government of favouring the richest one percent.
He added: "Labour would freeze council tax next year, using that windfall tax that hasn't been collected.
"Yes, you heard it right. Not a penny more on your council tax, not a penny more than the bill you paid last year, and that is a tax cut for the 99 percent of working people, compared to the tax cut for the ruches one percent that we get under the Tories.
"So let's get out there, let's be campaigning all around the country, starting here in Swindon this morning, out there taking our message to every doorstep about what the choices are that we would make in Government."

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