How to Channel Better Quality of Life with a Disability

By Staff Reporter - 25 September 2020

Opinion and Features

Disability in the body can be due to genetics or the aftermath of an accident. Disability can seem like the end of life and may make one feel distant from their social group. However, frailty is nothing to be worried about. These days you can find several disabled people living their lives to the fullest and getting everything they can as a normal human being. In this day and age, there are more facilities for disabled people to live life healthily and with quality.

Hence, if life is giving you lemons, you should make the best of them. Being at this phase of your life, you have to channel happiness and vitality through different means and grab all the helping hands that provide aid. Here are some more helpful tips to start life with new energy and live to the fullest:

Start at Home

In the circumstance that you got to contact disability later in life, or recently, things can seem really out of place and uncomfortable at the start. Your own comfortable bed may seem like a challenging and irritating surface to get on. But you shouldn’t lose hope and find your peace and comfort in your home again.

As a house should be the best place for you to be yourself and feel happy, you can make amendments to the scene. Adjust your bedding and seating or alter it according to your comfort. Introduce some calming scents. Change the colors for the walls and rearrange the setting to look different and intriguing.


After experiencing disability or even being born with it, some things may not sit well, especially if you’re a strong-willed and independent person. You will have to depend on people to carry you when needed and provide assistance. However, it’s better to accept things fast in life to move on quickly. Most people, like your family and friends, would be unconditionally helping. It would help if you kept these people close to you until you can become stable again.

You can also find other people with the same disability or join a group and make friends share experiences and support each other. These interactions can really help you achieve a better quality of life than pushing people away.

Stay Fit

It’s a given that if you’re unable to walk or get out of home yourself, you’re home-bound; however, it’s not compulsory for a disabled person. You don’t have to stay at home all the time; you can hire a caregiver to help you get you outside and breathe in some fresh air. If you don’t want the company, merely finding an easy way out for the house can help. Many injured people these days help themselves get outside with a mobility scooter easily operatable and comfortable. You can find out more to get one of these helpful automobiles, to effortlessly get out the depressing walls for the house and move in the fresh air and peaceful neighborhoods.


Embrace Likeable Activities

Who says that if you are now disabled, you can’t pursue your hobbies and likes. If you have this thinking, it would be best to get rid of this negativity and contract only helpful criticism. At this time, you must dive more into your favorite hobbies to divert your attention and feel more content with life. If you don’t have an activity you could call a hobby; you can adopt one like, painting, gardening, writing, reading, or anything else. You could even make money with a hobby that you like doing with the endless opportunities on the internet.

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