Voices from The Coronavirus: Love in the time of Covid-19

By Jamie Hill - 1 April 2020

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46-year-old Adam Wilson made a huge lockdown decision for him and his girlfriend to move in together for the duration of the crisis. Here is his voice...

Ok, so yeah this covid-19 thing, is a worry.

Most of my family has been in self isolation for several weeks now (age and health precautions rather than symptomology), my son is half way across the country and don’t know when I’ll see him (or anyone else) next etc etc.

And I’m not insensitive to the huge difficulties this period is inflicting on people everywhere. Jobs, the economy, mounting death tolls tragedy everywhere and it sucks, and the news is awful everyday - unless you believe Trump who apparently is beating the pandemic single handedly. Basically it's all enough to make you want to crawl under a duvet till at least June.


Normally I live alone, but my girlfriend and I decided to do lockdown together. A bold step? perhaps, but we’ve been together a while and don’t live apart by choice.

So far I can report, I cook real food... every single day! I smoke less, the bed gets made, laundry is done when available rather than as a last resort.

We’ve cleaned the windows, and the curtains are hanging out to dry!

I watch less telly, my screen time is down, my step counter has stopped nagging me for sitting still too long. I don’t go to the pub out of lack of better things to do. I monitor my sons homework and well-being, and use the extra web content to help his education, so I’m far more involved. I have watched a ballet, an opera and a play rather than endless cop procedural reruns. I have been helping her with her work and life stuff more than ever, and she with mine.

I have found long lost cuff links and photos in drawers that we’ve emptied (admittedly under a certain amount of duress). My neighbourhood and the people in it seem much less socially distant in this time of social distancing. I think I might even be smiling a bit more.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that I am aware of, empathise with and share in the problems caused by the pandemic. 

That said, so far, I may be one of the only people whose quality of life has actually improved during lockdown. It really is the “little” things. and obviously having someone you love to share them with

As long as I can avoid becoming part of some “the Shining”-esque strangeness, I’m cushty.


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