New Swindon Mayor to be sworn in today

By Jessica Durston - 20 May 2022

  • Mayor-Elect Cllr Abdul Amin

    Mayor-Elect Cllr Abdul Amin

The new Mayor of Swindon will be elected officially today, with proceedings for the Annual Council Meeting taking place from 2.30pm.

Mayor-Elect Cllr Abdul Amin at the private photography session earlier this morning

The Annual Council Meeting and Mayor Making Ceremony will be held at the Swindon Borough Council Civic Offices, located on Euclid Street. 

Mayor-Elect Abdul Amin is set to take over as Mayor from Cllr Garry Perkins. 

Cllr Amin has been Deputy Mayor of Swindon for two years. He attended a private photograph session earlier this morning and discussed his thoughts around becoming Mayor. 

He said: "Today is a great day for me. I am truly honoured that I will be becoming the second British-Bangladeshi Mayor within Swindon Borough Council. For myself - a man who emigrated to this country at an early age, knowing not a single word of English, and growing up in a Council estate - this is truly an honour. 

"Becoming Mayor of Swindon is something I would never have dreamed I would do. I look forward to meeting so many different communities during my year in the role. I cannot wait to communicate with all the diverse communities and integrate them more within the Council. 

"This is a good day, and hopefully this year will be brighter, in respect to covid. The last two years have been difficult during the pandemic, but at the same time, we have to be very proud of our town and community who have done so much fantastic work to see everybody through that period. I look forward to working with these communities within Swindon, and being their profile."

In addition, there will be six Labour councillers and four Conservative councillors sworn in at the annual meeting. 

For those interested in viewing the Annual Council Meeting and Mayor Making Ceremony, a live stream of the event will be available from the Council's website at

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