Hundreds of trees planted at East Wichel Park

By Barrie Hudson - 6 April 2021


South Swindon Parish Council has planted 420 new trees around the north and west sections of East Wichel Park.

The operation was part of the council's ongoing improvement of the park, and the saplings placed by the grounds team include wild cherry, English oak, silver birch and hazel. 

The saplings were provided by the Woodland Trust charity, which offers free community tree packs to schools and local authorities.  

East Wichel Parish Councillor, Linda Kasmaty, said: “It is great to see more trees added to the park. 

"This follows the recent planting of a Tiny Forest in East Wichel park, as well as a new stone circle and the refurbishment of the play area. 

"The park is also set to undergo landscaping improvements in the coming weeks so there are lots of great things happening here. We can’t wait to see the trees maturing and blending in to the park alongside the Tiny Forest and Stone Circle.”

The Woodland Trust website is


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