Oasis owners unable to say whether it will ever reopen

By Barrie Hudson - 10 May 2022

  • The Oasis, once a major Swindon visitor attraction, closed in 2020

    The Oasis, once a major Swindon visitor attraction, closed in 2020

Uncertainty over the future of Swindon's Oasis Leisure Centre has become more pressing than ever.

Campaign organisation the Save Oasis Swindon Steering Group says owner SevenCapital is unable to state whether the iconic structure will ever reopen.
The steering group, which last year celebrated the Grade II Listing of the building's dome, announced that it had received a response from Seven Capital (7C) to its request for an update.
The leisure centre has been closed since October of 2020.
A spokesperson for the campaigners said: "SOSSG is shocked and disappointed that SevenCapital has today stated that despite Seven Capital having spent 'many hundreds of thousands of pounds thus far' in searching for a solution that complies with Listing requirements, that the scheme is unviable for SevenCapital.
"Furthermore, SevenCapital went further to say that it was unable to say whether or not [the Oasis] will reopen.
"Seven Capital also stated that it hopes that a solution will be found but that SOSSG should not get its hopes up prematurely.
"SOSSG re-states that the decision by SBC to sell off Swindon people’s bought and paid for Oasis asset was never in the best interests of Swindon. That poor decision was compounded by SBC withdrawing any notion of Oasis quality monitoring or take-back clause.
"We urge all people who have information or ideas as to what best steps to take now, to speak out and step forward. SOSSG has already built relationships with several leisure, architectural and accessibility organisations that can be beneficial to pursue further."
The organisation's statement continued: "We remain committed, for the benefit of Swindon residents and workers, to continue to reach our goal of an accessible, modernised, eco-friendly, re-opened Oasis Leisure Centre.
"Furthermore, SOSSG remains committed to working alongside all stakeholders including, Swindon Residents, Swindon Borough Council and Seven Capital."
Swindon Borough Council and SevenCapital have been approached for comment.

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