Labour gain in St Margaret and South Marston ward

By Barrie Hudson - 3 May 2024


Labour candidate Simon Shelley has secured a gain for his party in the South Marston ward in the Swindon Borough Council elections.

The full results are: 
SHELLEY, Simon John, Labour, 1,231
WILLS, Eleanor Elisabeth, Conservative, 1,199
MARCH, Ella Constance, Green Party
COMBER, Lynda Marian, Liberal Democrat, 183 
Turnout: 30.35%
Labour has also won in Lydiard & Freshbrook and Penhill & Upper Stratton, and Walcot & Park North, while Conservative Group leader Cllr Gary Sumner has held Ridgeway.
These results in detail are: 
GROTHER, Leon Paul, Labour, 1,312
SYDNEY-SMITH, Caryl, Conservative, 898
SHEPHERD, Christopher Robert, Liberal Democrat, 208
PETTEFAR, Robert, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 102
Turnout: 31.6%
SMITH, Thomas James, Labour, 1,106
IBITOYE, David-Oladapo, Conservative, 878
HORROBIN, Michelle Anne, Liberal Democrat, 244
Turnout: 24.97%
SUMNER, Gary, Conservative, 574
MEARNS, Liz, Liberal Democrat, 246
ALLSOP, Stephen Raymond, Labour, 216
Turnout: 37.57 percent
MIAH, Mohammed Jamal, Labour, 1,539
BELL, Dave, Conservative, 496
DICKINSON, Michael James, Liberal Democrat, 187
LODWICK, Ian Charles, Green Party, 160
Turnout: 27.18%

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