Parish council's improvements at much loved wildlife area continue

By Barrie Hudson - 18 June 2021


South Swindon Parish Council have placed a new wildlife ladder on the 'waterfall' end of Shaftesbury lake.

  • The ladder is reducing the number of birds needing rescue

    The ladder is reducing the number of birds needing rescue

Every year, ducklings, goslings and fall off the weir and into the water below.

They were then unable to get out unaided due to the steep concrete banks either side, so either residents or animal rescueers had to come to get them out.

The placing of the ladder follows the parish council installing a new noticeboard at the Park South side of Shaftesbury Lake in April. The noticeboard was made by the parish council’s maintenance officers.

Both the wildlife ladder and noticeboard were agreed by South Swindon parish councillors following a request from Pam and Gail of the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake group.

Chair of the Parish Council and Park South Parish Councillor, Chris Watts, said: “We are delighted to have made further improvements to Shaftesbury Lake. This work follows the new path, dipping platforms and bins we have added to the area.

"We are also working with the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake group to create a wildflower meadow on the Park South side of Shaftesbury Lake, although that has been challenging with the birds grazing the grass.

"A big thank you to Pam and Gail from the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake group for their perseverance in making the Shaftesbury Lake a fantastic wildlife space in Swindon”

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