Council updates on covid 19 cases

By Jessica Durston - 19 July 2021


Swindon Borough Council is warning 'the pandemic is not over' with the arrival of 'freedom day.'

The council and Director of Public Health Steve Maddern have released updates around Swindon's covid-19 case rates.

Mr Maddern said: "Getting both doses of the vaccine, as soon as you have the opportunity, is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others.

"Unfortunately covid-19 cases in Swindon and across England are increasing rapidly and the third wave, forecast by the Government, is underway. The Great Western Hospital has also seen a rise in covid-19 patients in recent days. 

"Cases will continue to rise as restrictions are eased from Monday, July 19. Hospitalisations, serious illness and deaths will also continue, albeit thankfully at a much lower level than before the vaccination programme."

The Public Health Director urged the public to become 'familiar with the new guidance.' He continued to remind members of the public:

  • Wearing face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas will be recommended and expected
  • The limiting of close contact had with those not within household bubbles and increasing contact gradually. 

He added: "Now we are in the third wave, it's up to all of us to act carefully and cautiously."

Steve Maddern's Q&A video can be found at

Recent covid case information

From 6 July - 12 July, there were 626 new covid 19 cases in Swindon. This had gone up from the 395 cases the previous week. 

As of 16 July, the covid-19 case rate in Swindon is 281 per 100k, up from 177 last Friday. The South West average is 319 per 100k and 374 per 100k for England.

A further 2,536 residents had their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine last week, bringing the total number of people aged 18 and over vaccinated with the first dose to 155,842 (81.6%). 2,516 residents had their second dose, bringing the total number of Swindon residents aged 18 and over who are fully vaccinated to 111,494 (58.4%).

Changes to Restrictions from 19 July 

From 19 July, the Government will remove the final restrictions on social contact, life events and open the remaining closed businesses and venues. Legal restrictions on how many people can meet indoors or outdoors, the legal requirement to wear a face covering, and social distancing will also be removed. 

In order to keep members of the public comfortable and safe, the council recommends the following information is researched:

From 16 August rules around self-isolation will also change for those under 18 and those who have had both doese of the vaccine.

A vaccination bus will be outside the Tented Market, West Swindon Asda and the County Ground in August. More details can be found at

For more information on booking and managing your covid-19 vaccination on the NHS website at

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