Swindon Borough Council offers households utilities advice

By Amanda Wilkins - 24 May 2024

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Swindon Borough Council have announced that despite a fall in what households pay for gas and electricity from 1 July, energy bills will still remain higher than before the beginning of the energy crisis.

The price households pay for gas and electricity will fall by 7% on average from 1 July, as energy regulator Ofgem has announced the latest Energy Price Cap rates today. 

Analysis from Money Saving Expert, however, indicates that energy bills will remain significantly higher than before the energy crisis hit. 

The Energy Price Cap sets a limit on the maximum amount suppliers can charge for each unit of gas and electricity you use and sets a maximum daily standing charge (what you have to pay to have your home connected to the grid). 

The Price Cap changes every three months and is set to fall again from July due to lower wholesale energy prices in recent months. 

If you pay monthly by direct debit, it's £1,568 a year on average for a typical dual-fuel household, affecting all those on standard variable tariffs (essentially everyone not currently on a fix). This is a fall of 7%.

If you prepay for your energy, prices will fall by 7% to £1,522 a year.

If you pay on receipt of a bill, it's a 7% drop to £1,668 a year. 

Remember that it is the rates that are capped, so if you use more, you pay more. 

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