Study finds 30% of Swindon smokers have successfully quit

By Jessica Durston - 2 February 2023


According to new data released by vape company Haypp, 30% of smokers in Swindon have successfully quit smoking cigarettes.

Haypp's online data, compares all of the cities around the UK based on the success rate for quitting smoking as well as Government expenditure and other data splits such as gender and age. 

Those interested can view the UK's quitting smoking rates at

Looking at the gender split, the percentage of successful male quitters is higher, at 33%, compared to slightly less for females at 29%. The research also found only 32% of pregnant smokers in Swindon successfully quit smoking.

Haypp's research also found that the age group with the best chance of quitting in Swindon was 35-44.

The top performing authorities, based on the percentage of successful quitters, are Rotherham, Barnsley, Warrington and Dudley. On the other end of the scale, some of the worst performing authorities were Swindon, Sutton, West Sussex, and Warwickshire. 

Markus Lindblad, from Haypp said: “Following UK government guidance, those who reduce the amount they smoke are more likely to stop smoking eventually, particularly if they are using licensed nicotine-containing product alternatives.

"The national harm reduction strategy, where the switch to alternative, less harmful, nicotine products such as nicotine pouches is encouraged, has been key to the UK being one of the most successful countries in Europe in reducing the number of smokers.

“There are several other possible contributing factors to these success rates, but the fact that each of these local authorities is offering support in multiple locations and in many forms across the area is likely to be one of the biggest factors.

"For example, Rotherham, Warrington have  invested heavily in quit smoking resources, with both investing over £250,000 into their local initiatives. Hopefully these figures will continue to rise as more people quit smoking or use smoking alternatives.”

The proportion of smokers in England is said to have been falling for many years - while 19.8% of the population were smokers in 2011, this number had fallen to 13.9% by 2019.

This trend is expected to continue downwards to 2.5% by 2050, according to the Government. 

More information about Haypp can be found on its website at

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