Swindon Balagokulam holds teacher appreciation event at Drove Primary School

By Jessica Durston - 20 June 2022


The Swindon Balagokulam team held a celebratory Shikshak Vandan Divas event - which translates as Teacher Appreciation Day.

The Swindon Balagokulam team held a morning of fun and celebration on Sunday 19 June, to say thank you to teachers within the community. 

A spokesperson from Swindon Balagokulam said: "Our children spend a lot of time at school, and the dedicated teachers have a big contribution towards our children's future.

"We gave our gratitude for the efforts and patience with which the teachers contribute to giving the best education they can to the children.

"With respect and gratitude. Shikshak Vandan Diwas."

The Swindon Balagokulam believes teachers are the fulcrum that make it possible for the student to learn, develop in confidence, learn the right values, and develop a good outlook on life.

Swindon Balagokulam - a chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh UK - runs weekly sessions focussing on all-round development of children and youngsters through activities like games, arts and craft, stories, songs, skits and more.

The Swindon Balagokulam team say childhood and bonding matters.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: "When you are playing and having fun with your family, you are strengthening your bond even more. Fun, games, culture and social connect take centre stage.

"Factors such as physical activities, discipline, knowledge about our culture and social interaction all are vital for the overall development, confidence and for them to enjoy their childhood."

The event at Drove Primary School started with flag hoisting, followed by warm up games. Along with the kids and parents, all the teachers participated in the games.

The children enthusiastically gave their handmade cards to their teachers, applied Tilak on their forehead and took their blessings.

The teachers were said to have thoroughly enjoyed partcipating in the various activities and gave their blessings to the children, interacted with the parents, spoke on their experiences, and gave words of advice to the parents and children.

Attendees also enjoyed Indian snacks and cool drinks towards the end of the event.

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