Swindon families needed to help test new Christmas elf app

By Jessica Durston - 21 September 2022

  • Keith and Ben with Tizzy

    Keith and Ben with Tizzy

Tizzy the elf, a smartphone app created by Swindonians Ben and his dad Keith, launched last Christmas with the support of local parents and kids.

  • Ben with Tizzy the elf

    Ben with Tizzy the elf

Now the Tizzy team are calling for more help in testing the updated app before they make the final changes before Christmas.

Tizzy the elf is a brand-new elf creation, born in Swindon.

Last year, parents and kids helped test the smartphone app called Tizzy AR, as it uses a smartphone camera to place Tizzy in a room - AR stands for augmented reality.

The app creators say there are videos on Instagram and YouTube of children playing with Tizzy, for members of the public to take a look at.

Kids can watch Tizzy arrive from the North Pole, make Tizzy dance and take an ‘Elfie Selfie’ to share with friends and family.

The Tizzy team say that there is also now a secret new feature which needs to be tested before it goes live.

Keith said: “Helping to test is really important as everyone has different phones, making it impossible to be sure it works for everyone.

"We want Tizzy to be the best experience for as many kids as possible, so we need your help!”

Swindon families can help by making sure the app works on their phones, and by giving feedback regarding the features they like the best.

Everyone that helps the team will receive a £10 amazon voucher.

If you are a parent of a four to seven-year-old and have a smartphone, you can help by going to facebook.com/ tizzytheelf and signing up or by going straight to tizzytheelf.app/Swindon.

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