Toms hair-shave makes it 3 times fundraising for the children's cancer ward

By Ricardo Rossi - 5 November 2018


Care assistant Tom Wallace had a truly hair-raising experience when he had his locks chopped to raise funds for children with cancer – for the third time!

Tom, who works with Akcess Medical in Swindon, hopes to have raised £1,500 for the children’s cancer ward at the town’s Great Western Hospital.

This is Tom’s third head shave for the same great cause, and he’s on course to have netted some £3,500 in total.

His most recent close shave took place at the New Century Club in Swindon, and was sponsored by Akcess Medical, which provides a non-emergency patient transport service in Swindon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Doing the honours was workmate Tracey Mason, who accompanies Tom in the Akcess Medical ambulances. Tracey was happy to wield scissors and clippers to give Tom a truly close shave.

“I think the children’s cancer ward is a great cause,” said Tom, 64, from Freshbrook, Swindon. “I lost my brother and my Dad to cancer, so I wanted to do something to help, but for children who are suffering.”

Tom, who is married to Chris, and has two daughters and a grandson, hasn’t ruled out having his head shaved again. He said: “It’s growing back pretty quickly so when it gets too long I may do it again!”

Dave Hyde, Operations Manager for Akcess Medical, said: “We very proud of Tom and were more than happy to sponsor this event. He’s a valued member of our team and this shows just how much he puts himself out to help other people.”

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