TWIGS community gardens to hold Wassail event

By Jessica Durston - 11 January 2022


TWIGS community gardens will be holding a Wassail event this weekend, led by the Morris Men.

Saturday, 15 January will see TWIGS hold its Wassail event, with gates opening at 11am, to aim for an 11.30am start.

A Wassail is a traditional ceremony to encourage new growth and a bountiful harvest to the apple trees. 

TWIGS' event will include singing and dancing, and general encouragement to its own apple trees, led by the Morris Men. 

Staff invite members of the public to bring their voices and something to bang, rattle or shake, to join in the festivities and encourage a good harvest later in the year. 

Soup, cake and hot punch will also be available for those in attendance. 

TWIGS community gardens is located within the Manor Garden Centre, Cheney Manor, SN2 2QJ.

More information about TWIGS can be found on its website at

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