Thameswood Vets is running Puppy Youth Clubs

By Jessica Durston - 20 June 2022


A monthly column by Thameswood Vets.

We know that dragging your dog to the vets with his paws dug in is the image most people think of when taking their dog to the vets.

Not at Thameswood! Dogs that have attended Youth Club cannot wait to bound in the door for fusses and treats.

They also benefit when they have to come and stay with us as they are surrounded by the sight, smells and people they know, making life better for both your dog and the clinical team.

Youth clubs are monthly appointments with your pet's own nurse who checks weight and development, advises on training, administers worming and flea treatments, clips nails, advises on neutering, dental care, behavioural issues or any of the other countless issues your young dog will give you!

They are there to support you through the early months when you are learning about your pup as well as through the often troublesome and sometimes frustrating adolescent months.

You can ask any questions and our trained nurses are always there to help or can advise what to do, and because every visit is full of fun and treats your puppy will love coming back and with bonus freebies along the way!

We are also strong advocates of 'Fear Free Clinics' which our youth clubs support.

Fear free clinics aim to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in our pets through positive reinforcement. Socialisation visits are always recommended for any dog but are especially important for nervous dogs and these can simply involve popping in at quieter times of the day to sit in reception or consulting rooms and have lots of positive reinforcement (treats, toys, cuddles) and leave again.

This can be progressed to include weighing, walking in and out of the kennel and gentle handling to mimic a health check without any injections or medication being administered.

We want your pets to be a comfortable as possible when they visit, benefitting them yourself and our team.

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