How to reduce the cost of your weekly food shop

By Swindon Link - 21 June 2022

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Everything’s going up in price. From fuel to childcare, prices for everyday essentials are more expensive – and that includes food. There are a lot of reasons why things are so costly right now, and these different factors have all landed at the same time, pushing food prices skywards.

As we all try to adjust to this new way of living, it’s worth considering the ways to reduce the amount we spend on food. If you’re looking for ideas to help bring down the cost of your supermarket shop, read on for some top tips.

Write a shopping list

A shopping list is essential. By writing down the key things you need to buy, you’ll come away from your shopping trip knowing that you’ve stocked up on the items you definitely need at home.

People have different methods for writing their list. They might use the notes section on their phone, download an app, or use a pen and paper. Whatever method you go for, take the time through the week to add to it as you think of things you need. By the end of the week, you’ll have a list of items that are essential. Once you’ve bought these, you can then decide if you have any extra money in your food budget for additional items in your trolley.  

Do one weekly shop

It can be easy to lose track of your shopping list if you’re visiting the supermarket regularly. By popping into the shops over the course of a few days, it’s likely you’ll spend more as you might see things to add to your trolley.

If you do one big food shop once a week, you’ll know what you’ve run out of and the things that you need to buy. You’re also well-placed to plan your meals for the week ahead as you’re not put on the spot by buying food as you go.

Use discounts and deals

There are different discounts and deals offered by supermarkets and shops. Look out for coupons and money off vouchers that are offered both as physical cards and leaflets, and online deals.

Also, check to see if you’re eligible for money off through your occupation. For instance, there’s the Morrisons discount for teachers that you might be able to use if you’re in education.

Also, look out for meal deals and reduced price food throughout the day. Shopping towards the end of the day is when you’re most likely to see meals and fresh snacks at cheaper prices due to their use by or sell by dates being reached.

Shop online

A bit like sticking to one weekly shop, shopping online is a great way to avoid temptation. While there are often suggested items to add to your cart, you’re more likely to stick to the things you know you need if you’re not seeing the tempting cakes and other treats in person.

Additionally, you can fill up your online trolley through the week, so you can add what you need as the days go along. This means you’re more likely to have everything you need by the time you reach the checkout, so you won’t have to head to the expensive shop for a last-minute loaf.

Better still, shopping online means you can nip to the food cupboard to double check supplies and see what’s missing. This isn’t possible when you’re in a supermarket aisle trying to visualise your fridge.

Are you trying to find ways to save on your food shop? Which of these tips will you go for?

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